Friday, November 9, 2012

random acts {six through nine}

We are coming up on day 10 already, and I couldn't be more thankful for this challenge.

When the election results rolled in on Tuesday, I was stunned. Not by the difference in opinions, I expected the range of emotions on my newsfeed. What I didn't expect was the utter negativity, the lack of humanity and disregard for compassion. The post after post about "lazy drug addicted scumbags on welfare" and the "people who don't want to work for their money."

The negativity spread like disease, with symptoms of superiority and anger.

People were cruel.

and I was disappointed in them.

I evaluated my own life. A hard working mother who faces a closing window of job opportunity the further along she gets in her pregnancy. A woman with a total income of zero, stemming from a divorce. ZERO. Selling the things she owns to pay for gas, waiting on public assistance to kick in now that she has finally swallowed her pride and admitted to needing some help.

Still, I have something to give.

and I am proud to be focused more on these small acts of kindness than I am on some one buying ice cream with their food stamps.

I harbor no anger, no entitlement and in that way I am much better off than a lot of people. I can't imagine what it would be like to walk around with those feelings all of the time.

So here's what kindness can do. I believe it to be much more powerful than resentment.


Election day. Simple. I offered to drive to my friends to the polls. I remember a long banner in the classroom of some class that I probably skipped more than attended in high school. I was probably high, but I am pretty sure it read "Democracy is not a spectator sport." and I agree. Our right to vote was fought for (especially us women) and I want everybody to have the opportunity to exercise that right. Nothing should ever get in the way of a citizen casting their vote.

but Jenelle...I can hear you asking...don't you know about printscreen? And the
answer is yes. My computer is just being a punk.


Inspired by a friend who took advantage of the unexpected warm weather and posted on Facebook that she was headed to the park with her son to feed the ducks. We thought we would do the same. I had enough change for a loaf of bread and we stopped by the hostess outlet store. Turns out, there was a crazy sale and I had enough for FIVE loaves of bread. I first thought that I would just take the one, but then Eldon suggested "How 'bout one for me, one for you, and one for a 'notha kid?" Good idea, Eldon. He was totally stoked to hand out loaves of bread to the kids who didn't bring any. And the ducks were happy too.


I shared a status. Two actually. One to help get the power back on in a vulnerable New York neighborhood, and one seeking donations for our local shelter. Since I couldn't donate, I at least felt it necessary to pass the message on to some one who can.

Yep...still know all about that nifty "Prt Scr" key


Eldon keeps quarters handy so he can play in the entire Flathead Valley. He earns those quarters, and makes sure to grab them when we go to town.
Today when we stopped to play, I happened to have a couple in my purse as well. And some tape...because, well, my kid asks for tape on his Birthday and we are just never without it. I wrote "Free Play!" on a torn off piece of envelope and voila! A happy kid somewhere who will get a chance to test his/her luck.

Everybody has a quarter or two....and EVERYBODY and their mom (and in my case Grandparents) has a Facebook. You may be struggling, trust me. I get it. I totally get it. Sometimes though, lending your time and the change in your pocket makes you a thousand times richer....and that's how I'm feeling these days.

Broke as shit.

Just kidding!


but so so rich. Warm, loved, fulfilled, and hopeful.